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Through over a decade in publishing, QCX INSTITUTE’s principal realised that changing enterprise culture, processes and technologies is far easier and more effective than changing customer or prospect behaviour.  Our heritage from an industry that continually modifies its publications in response to readership insights, convinced us that corporations must identify the customers they want, gain deep insights into them, and modify - or even reinvent - their products, services, distribution channels and cultures to more closely address their customer's current and emerging needs.

Although many enterprises claim they do this through research, focus groups and other opinion gathering programs, Customer Strategies contends that only through detailed insights into individual customer opinion, perceptions, transactions, life stages and other criterion continually analysed and monitored, is it feasible to build mutually advantageous and profitable commercial relationships. 

This philosophy has been the driving force behind us pioneering the science of database marketing, bringing Peppers & Rogers "one-to-one" future to Australia, launching DATAPOWER newsletter on analytics and big data, (long before they became buzz words) defining the "science of crm" and currently developing a revolutionary approach to customer profiling and segmentation.



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Managing Partner

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Graeme Jeffrey Boorer

From establishing a new division of The Herald and Weekly Times (News Limited) at age 29, under the auspices of its Chairman, Sir Keith McPherson, to the CEO of a prestigious global B2B publishing and conference conglomerate, Graeme is no stranger to corporate life and it's inherent challenges and demands. 

Since jumping off the corporate ladder, Graeme made a sea-change decision to identify and bring to executives, international best practice and respected thought leadership on the science of understanding and collaborating with customers to define corporate capabilities and competitive strategies. 

In 90s,  Graeme played a leading role in the merger of Telecom and OTC's business customer base, designing and implementing numerous change, data integrity, process, business intelligence and technology programs to prepare Telstra for a new, deregulated telecommunication's  environment. 

Since then he has personally designed, mentored or led over sixty customer centricity transformations across seventeen industries and shared his expertise to over five thousand execute audience across three continents.

Besides his real life, hands-on experience and continual research, Graeme enjoys strong peer relationships with his network of global subject matter experts, authors and thought leaders