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Many espouse customer experience, yet few corporations have a holistic, long range customer vision of the experience they want, let alone an enterprise commitment to realise it.  QCX works with senior executives to create a board adopted vision to underpin the multiple initiatives and programs needed. Bringing international thought leadership and recognised best practice, QCX helps senior executives and their reports define a "customer vision" that achieves compelling competitive advantages and high ROI.

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Although rare, even with a crystal clear, board adopted "customer vision", enterprises struggle to define strategies and initiatives to successfully achieve that vision. 

QCX recognises the need for a complete suite of integrated strategies; prioritised, carefully planned and professionally executed. Following proven frameworks and methodologies, we work closely with executive teams to create and implement high impact, enterprise strategies to form the back bone of your customer program. 

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Business Process Management (BPM) has long promised internal efficiencies and cost savings. However customer transformations, CRM and experience initiatives invariably demand an "outside in view" of all processes that impact the customer or citizen.

We take a different approach to traditional BPM and assist clients define and implement a continual customer process excellence program that quickly becomes imbedded in organisational culture and  adopted across the enterprise.

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