Public Sector CRM Course

practical & actionable instructor led workshop

An information packed professional development course devoted to planning and implementing "CRM" in government, education, healthcare,  and other public sector organisations.  It shares international best practice and thought leadership, along with proven frameworks, methodologies, checklists, models and templates to equip attendees maximise potential benefits and minimise project risk and budget over run.

Designed for department heads, managers, executive directors, sponsors, planners, business analysts and users, the course (available as public or customised in-house) is non-technical, and addresses business, compliance, strategic and management issues to ensure the successful implementation of programs to better deliver government and citizen services. 


Day One Program

12:30 Foundation Principles & Frameworks

13:15 Scope Budget, Resources & Procurement

14:00 Understand Technology Options & Ramifications

14:45 Heat Map Workshop & Review

15:30 Afternoon Break

15:45 Citizen Satisfaction or Commitment?

16:30  Data Governance & Privacy

17:30 Close


Day Two Program

12:30 Designing a Quality Citizen Experience 

13:15 Scope & Address Integration Challenges

14:00 Calculating Citizen Lifetime Value

14:45 Single View & Customer Data Integrity

15:30 Afternoon Break

15:45 Metrics to Win Budget & Resources

16:30 Citizen Segmentation & Profiles

17:30 Close



Public Sector CRM is relevant to all citizen, customer, incident or logistics management. COMMON examples are listed below.

  • Workforce Management

  • Award and Decoration Management

  • Volunteer Management

  • Donation Tracking

  • Membership & Association Management

  • HR, Training & Professional Development

  • Grounds, Parks & Facilities Management

  • OHS Tracking

  • Library Management

  • Complaints Management

  • Economic Development Management

  • Compliance & Regulation Management

  • Visitor, Trade Mission & School Programs

  • Aged Services Program Management

  • Asset Management

  • Vehicle & Fleet Management

  • Maintenance Management

  • Grants Management

  • Case Management

  • Field Service Inspection & Management

  • Customer Service Management

  • Community Engagement

  • Vendor Panel Management

  • Cemetery Management

  • Personnel Management

  • Civic Events Management

  • Access Control Management

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Call Centre Management

  • Museum & Gallery Management

  • Tourism Development

  • Contract Lifecycle Management

  • Outbreak Management

  • Child Care Centre Management

  • Emergency Response Tracking

  • Dispatch Management

  • Intelligence Gathering

  • Threat Management

  • Security Approval

  • Compliance Management

  • NGO Management

  • Fraud Investigations

  • Smart Cities Initiatives

  • Recruitment Management

  • Task Management

  • License & Permit Management

  • Smart Buildings & Sustainability Management

  • Endangered Trees & Monument Management

Course Instructor

Graeme Jeffrey Boorer has designed and implemented citizen and customer centric programs for over sixty enterprises, in the public and private sectors. Beside hands on experience, his ongoing research into best practice and thought leadership in these fields make him a sought after speaker and industry commentator. Graeme’s public sector consulting clients include: The Royal Mint, GeoSciences Australia, City of Sydney, Waverley Council, Justice NSW, Telstra, Australia Post, SA Water, NSW Health, Australian National Maritime Museum, Department of Further Education, Science and Technology (SA) and Trade & Investment NSW’s 58 agencies, Destination NSW.